ALL Tender Details

SNo. Tender Number Tender Title Due Date of Submission Date and Time of Opening File
1 KPL/FIN/2021 Tender for appointment of Chartered/Cost Accountants firm on Tax & Other Professional Services    25-03-2021, 1500 Hrs 26-03-2021, 1530 Hrs Tender File pdf
2 KPL/OP/Estate/LA/T-02/2021 Allotment of open space of 500 sqmt. inside custom bond area on 'as is where is' condition on License basis for a period of 11 months extendable upto another two terms for the purpose of establishing workshop for vessel maintenance in Kamarajar Port Limited    08-03-2021, 1500 Hrs 09-03-2021, 1530 Hrs Tender Detail
3 KPL/OP/Estate/LA/T-01/2021 Engaging licensee for Operations and Maintenance of Kamarajar Port Truck Parking yard in front of BOT Coal yard    05-03-2021, 1500 Hrs 06-03-2021, 1530 Hrs Tender Detail
4 KPL/OP/B/95.08/2020-21 Limited Tender for Repairing the damages to the green mesh fencing adjacent to the Car Parking Yard    02-03-2021, 1500 Hrs 02-03-2021, 1530 Hrs Tender Detail